Find here a survey on CellMigration Lectures and Practical Classes:

Lectures and practical courses are individually selected based on previous training/experience 
and the outline of the research project

SS: Spring Semester
FS: Fall Semester 

Lectures Date/TimeECTS
Dynamics of Cellular Contacts, UNIBE

FS; Thu 16-18h

Molecular Biology of Inflammation, UNIBE

SS, Thu 14-16h

Lecture Series on Advanced Microscopy, UNIBE

FS; Fri 8-10h

Immunology Tutorial, UNIBE, GCB1 year course3.0
Principles in Transgenic Mouse Technology, UNIBEFS, 2 days course1.0
Lecture / Seminar Series on Selected Cell Biology Topics, IRB2.0
Practical classesDate/TimeECTS
Cell Migration, TKI, UNIBE  

FS, weekly course

Vascular Biology, TKI, UNIBESS, weekly course2.0
Microscopy courses at UNIBE

Different modules and dates

0.5 - 3.0 
Microscopy courses at IRB - Microscopy Applications for Immunological ResearchDifferent modules and dates1.5
LTK1 ModuleDate/TimeECTS
Module I in Animal Experimentation (LTK1)